Onda - Modern Bathroom


The Continuous Curvilinear Manufacture Without Any Joinings Is A Precious Feature Which Gives Lightness To The Furniture With Delicate Natural Lines. 

The Warmth Of The Wood For A Playful Composition.

Volumes And Lines Perfectly Combined To Create A Room Full Of Harmony.

A Puzzle Of Wallunits In Different Sizes And Finishes… Handy Boxes For Any Storage Need!

Available In Matt White, Matt Black Or Glossy Gold Finish For Any Kind Of Personalization.

New Rounded Mirror With 5 Backlited Spots.

Glossy And Matt Elements Perfectly Match In The Same Composition, With Unexpected Results.

Minimal And Rigorous Design. The Moulded Handle In Tecnolite For Asymmetric Drawers Becomes An Element Of Decoration.Ede.