Open - Modern Bathroom


Open Collection Represents The Perfect Equilibrium Between Charm And Minimalism. The Pureness Of The Design And The Succession Of Empty And Solid Spaces Are The Main Features Of Its Dynamic And Modern Identity, With An Exaltation Of The Different Wood And Colour Finishes. A Simple Touch Reveals The Functionality Of Its Doors Opening System. Open Is A Shimmering Rang, Designed To Fit In Any Domain, Even The Most Unconventional.

Compact, Simple And Fast. These Are The Qualities To Identify The Functionality Of The Empty Spaces And The Flexibility Of A Peopleoriented Design

Tall-Units Like Real Art Objects, Give A Personal Touch To Your Bathroom. The Warmth Of Wood Finishes Together With The Pureness Of The White Can Create A Universe Of Timeless Emotions, Deep-Rooted In Our Memory

When The Style Innovation Focuses On Everyday Life Usability. Selfcentred And Hidden Duality Of The Elements.